Opportunities for Filmmakers

Carpe and Zen Productions is currently looking for volunteers to help us make our upcoming feature film, Henchmen. Previous experience isn’t required, but it is a bonus. All positions are non-paid, but we do provide several perks that we hope you find will make the experience worthwhile. Preference will be given to volunteers located in the Gila Valley.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us at carpeandzen@gmail.com or fill out this form. See open positions and perks for participation below.


Henchmen is a comedy about two best friends as they hide from the cartel in a small town in Arizona. The movie is produced by the filmmaking duo of Joseph Carpenter and Jacob Lauritzen (Carpe and Zen). Carpe and Zen previously released their feature film, Ace of Hearts, in December 2021. It is currently available to purchase and stream on Amazon and other retailers.


We are filmmakers that live and work in the Gila Valley. We want to build a thriving community of filmmakers and filmgoers. As such, we are looking for anyone in the Gila Valley who is interested in working as either cast or crew in our productions. Previous experience isn’t required, but it is a bonus. We are willing to train you in whatever position you fill on our sets.

All crew positions are volunteer (non-paid) and non-union. We expect to film on nights and weekends throughout October, November, and December. We do not expect to film more than two nights or days each week and we may not film every week. We would appreciate each crew member committing to the entire production, but understand that you may have other commitments. We will do our best to work with your schedule within reason.

We expect to complete editing the film in April 2023. At that time, we will begin to submit it to film festivals. The timing of the premiere and distribution of the film will depend on its acceptance into film festivals. After the film has completed its film festival run, we expect to distribute it through our partner, Burning Bulb Productions. When the film is distributed, we expect for it to be available to purchase on Blu Ray and DVD through our website as well as other online retailers (e.g., Amazon, Best Buy, etc.). We also expect the film to be available to stream on multiple platforms, though this is dependent upon the film being accepted by these platforms. We have previously had our work accepted by Amazon, Tubi, Pluto, etc.

We are prepared to offer the following perks for participation in making the film:

  • IMDB credit
  • Training for your position
  • Snacks and drinks on set. Meals will be provided on shooting days longer than six hours.
  • Footage for your film reel/portfolio
  • 2 tickets to a premiere located in the Gila Valley
  • An invitation to a premiere party for cast, crew, and business sponsors
  • 1 Blu Ray or DVD copy of the completed film
  • 1 Movie T-Shirt
  • 1 Movie Poster
  • Discount on additional copies of the film

If you cannot commit to participating for the entire production, we may require a minimum number of production days to quality for all perks.

Open Crew Positions

Some positions may be combined based on need and interest:

First Assistant Camera Operator

Assists the Camera Operator by pulling focus.

Second Assistant Camera Operator

Assists the Camera Operator by slating before each shot, switching lenses, etc. 


Assists the Director of Photography by lighting scenes.

Script Supervisor

Assists the Director by taking notes on each take, maintaining continuity between takes, etc.

Sound Mixer

Manages the recording of all audio on set.

Boom Operator

Assists the Sound Mixer by holding the microphone boom to record audio on set.

Production Designer

Manages the design of all visual elements of the production (locations, costumes, props, etc.).

Costume Designer

Assists the Production Designer in designing and securing costumes for talent.

Props Master

Assists the Production Designer in designing and securing props for use during the production.

Set Photographer and Documentarian

Takes stills and records video throughout the production.

Social Media Manager

Works with the Set Photographer and Documentarian to promote the production of the film through social media.

Production Assistant

Assists in any way needed.

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